Hello. We're Arc and we are an
award-winning brand activation agency.

We work with brands (big and small) to produce integrated marketing campaigns that get noticed. But more importantly, our ideas get people to act. That may be through shopper, experiential, CRM, content, sponsorship and B2B, or any other form of relevant media.

The fact is, today's consumer can shop everywhere and anywhere. Everything is an opportunity to buy, so if you want to reach people you have to work that little bit harder. To differentiate the brands we work with, we develop a deep understanding of consumer's behaviours, needs, wants and motivations. Once we've done this, we can then determine why they buy, not just what they buy. We call this MeCommerce.

And we're not alone in our thinking. Arc is part of the Leo Burnett Group, one of the most innovative and exciting communication networks on the planet!

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IPM Agency of the Year. Again, again.

3's the magic number as Arc win the IPM Agency of the Year award for the 3rd time running.

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Big or small, brands still need great ideas

Marketing agencies can be creative and flexible, while still achieving positive business results writes our own Ian Thomas.

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What does a 6 Nations fan look like?

Sponsorship research tool finds more female fans than men, with strongest support in the youngest and oldest age categories

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Arc Win at European Sponsorship Awards

Arc and Leo Burnett’s Sponsorship team had success at the European Sponsorship Awards winning Best Hospitality for their work with McDonald’s and The FA Community Awards.

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Arc win IPM Agency of the Year. Again.

At last night’s Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards, Arc London won the Agency of the Year for the second year running.

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Arc examines women's World Cup brands and fans

Women’s World Cup fans boast high levels of engagement and make more efforts to follow the event live, reveals Arc’s Richard Dutton

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What we do

Put simply, we help brands of all shapes and sizes connect with people. We do this in every channel and every sector, but always in the one that's most relevant – be that shopper, experiential, direct, content, sponsorship, B2B or anywhere else for that matter.

And, because we're doers as well as thinkers, we've got our own 5,000 strong team of event staff plus a 25,000 sq.ft logistics facility. So you can be sure our campaign executions are as good in real-life as they sound on paper.


We might not have a PhD in neurosurgery but we get shoppers. By that we mean we understand in today's world of tablets, smartphones, laptops, mobile, digital and social media, shopping doesn't just happen in an actual store. Which is why we've got the data to help find shoppers, and the creativity to get them spending, wherever they choose to fill their baskets.


Sometimes you've just got to get out there if you want your brand to be noticed. That's why we create some of the most engaging, live, interactive, social experiences around. Bringing your brand to life, changing behavior and making emotional impressions that last.


Customer loyalty isn't something you can achieve in five minutes. So we help our clients establish long-term relationships with their customers, using super-smart insights to tell your brand story then produce challenging creative that makes it stick. (While never taking our eye off your ROI, of course).


We create content people actually want to engage with, not just another funny cat viral. So whoever you want to talk to, we'll make sure you've got something interesting to say. Or watch if dancing donkeys is your kind of thing.


You want a 30sec TV ad? National Press, you say? What about radio? Bring it on. We're not scared of anything. We've got the hunger of a start up and the production power of a global network. It's why we consistently attract challenger brands looking for category-changing advertising.


It's not just about paying lots of money to have your brand emblazoned across a football shirt. (Although we can help with that if that's what you want). We work hard to find and activate sponsorship opportunities that will help brands grow and get their customers to act. Changing perceptions, building trust and creating new opportunities while we're at it. Come on, Arc!


We understand business people are people too - buying on emotion just like any consumer and then rationalising their decisions with logic. It's why we always engage business customers as people first - with compelling ideas that cut through the jargon. (While never forgetting that they have to justify their decisions more than ever before.)


We like to think that we're nice people to work with, so we only employ nice people. In fact, we have one of the largest in-house full service staffing departments in the UK, with a 5,000 strong team of the most lovely, professional and experienced promotional talent.


It's no good having great ideas if you have nowhere to keep them. So we've invested in our own state-of-the-art 25,000 sq.ft warehouse facility providing storage, stock management, fulfillment, delivery and collection services.


Our secret weapon

Some people wonder why our campaigns are so effective, and how we can understand target audiences so well. We'll let you into a secret.

We invest in the sort of world-leading research that gives our clients true competitive advantage. Like Buying DNA, our quantitative study into the attitudes and behaviours of over 10,000 UK shoppers. Or Sponsor DNA, which shows us the effectiveness of brands' event sponsorship. We also host FutureShop, an annual event which showcases the latest innovations in retail.

We even have a bespoke campaign ROI tracking tool, BeMo. But don't tell anyone.

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