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Kenco Millicano

Letting great coffee speak for itself


We wanted to transform people's misconceptions about vending machine coffee, and turn it into an experience to savour (and even share).

We created a unique interactive sampling experience, letting consumers experience this new coffee in a fun and exciting way. How? By letting great coffee speak for itself. Ladies and gentlemen meet Kenneth: the talking coffee machine.

We served over 1,000 cups of Kenco Millicano, and over 55,000 fans on Kenco Millicano's Facebook page saw the video. Also, a further 49,000 have viewed it on YouTube to date. Kenneth was also featured and talked about on over 100 websites.



  • IPM - E22 Experiential marketing - Bronze
  • IPM - G34 Innovation - Bronze
  • IPM - E22 Experiential marketing - BRONZE
  • IPM - G34 Innovation - BRONZE
  • Caples - Ambient/Guerrilla marketing - Finalist

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