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Retail Environment


To immediately disrupt Shoppers and stand out from the crowd; then once engaged with the Shopper, create memorable, positive, experiences with EE to ultimately drive penetration.

Phone stores across the board have offered a very similar, predictable experience for years. Carphone Warehouse has a point of difference in that it has multiple networks competing with one another in-store. Phone stores are often filled with too much information, often quite dry and far too rational, which can be exaggerated by multiple networks vying for Shoppers’ attention with their bland messaging.

By making our Shopper become the hero of the experience, we literally put them at the centre of the SIS, creating enormous disruption and interaction with the user but simultaneously creating in-store theatre for other to disrupt and attract other Shoppers.

By utilising interactive technology, we allow Shoppers to connect with EE when they enter any one of 200 Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK.


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